What happens when you have a single system that allows you to easily create and manage all kinds of events - staff-created, user-submitted and aggregated - for any media? A lot...

For your audience it means they get the most comprehensive local calendar possible.

Aggregation is fine, but chances are you would not entirely rely on a service located somewhere else to get that right for your newspaper or broadcast.

In fact, many organizations spend hours collecting, curating, verifying and formatting numerous calendars for print - often using a completely different system to power their Web and mobile listings. Without a lot of work, those two systems rarely augment each other. We think that is just wrong.

How do we do this?

We start with an editing interface that makes managing the complexities of the job a breeze by:

  • Allowing editors to work simultaneously on the same data with user roles and rights, edit locking, and version control, and that makes it easy to manage even a large number of calendars that share data

  • Parsing of metadata - like times, dates, prices, payment options, venue locations, media, etc. - while giving editors full control to edit any component of the listing

  • Automated and/or manual entry of descriptions and titles optimized for web, print and mobile

  • Numerous publish statuses, editor specific queues, user-submitted queues, alerting and other workflow optimization tools

  • Robust recurrence tools for that allows for exceptions, irregular recurrences and more.

  • Automate or edit tagging of content by category, location and features (e.g. free, Music, art)

  • Allow creation and scheduling of any number of print export templateswith mark-up for your print CMS

  • Exports can be filtered on any number of criteria such as location, category, dates or other metadata

  • Auto or manual venue creation

  • Duplicate venue and event - allow editors to merge or block duplicates.

  • Allow editors to easily add sites to include in event aggregation

  • Robust media library allows photos, videos, scripting or any other media to be associated with any listing

  • Create "editor picks" of featured listings

On the Web we will aggregate your editorial content and make it available to pair with listings in an automated or curated way - e.g. show reviews paired with listing for that venue.

User-Submitted Events

Pointslocal Events makes it simple for individuals and businesses to submit and enhance their events.

  • A simple UI guides them through the required fields

  • The UI also provides guidance for optimal length of descriptions for inclusion in print

  • Our platform suggests likely venue and address, categories, and tags from a controlled ontology

  • Users-submitted events can be edited with emailed event-specific logins (craigslist style)

On the Web

When it comes to presentation of your calendar on the Web or mobile devices:

  • Pointslocal Events come ready-to-go with an elegant presentation and UI for listings, details and user submission of events - all within your styles, surrounded by your HTML, Omniture or other analytics, ad tags, etc. And it is white labelled.

  • Our widget creator allows you to create custom filtered listing - e.g. sports events for the next week, five next art exhibits, etc. - and embed those anywhere on your site.

  • Our template management tools allow you to easily modify or create different templates for various calendars

  • Our drag-and-drop stream designer allows editors with no HTML experience to design entire pages including listings, stories and other media.

  • Our API allows you to include your listings in products and ways that we haven't thought of yet